How To Pass Your Driving Test

Pass Your Driving Test

Learning to drive is a mile stone in life. The day that you pass your driving test will be one you remember for ever.

Once you have your full driving licence, you will have a previously unknown freedom. Driving isn’t without its issues. New drivers face huge costs, first to buy a car and then, possibly an even bigger cost to insure their first car.

Insurance is often the biggest cost in the first few years as new drivers are considered to be a high risk for insurance companies.

You can reduce your insurance costs by installing a black box in your car. This will monitor your driving and reward of penalise you for good or bad driving. It is a great tool for parents to help to keep their children safe when they are first driving.

You won’t be able to speed, and often are limited to the hours or times of day when you can drive.

Insurance companies will reduce your insurance cost if you score well for safe driving and increase your bills if you drive too fast, or late at night etc.

We have heard of one parent who bought a new, ex-demo car for their child because the garage was offering 2 years free insurance.

The car was £8k, and the insurance quoted was £3k in year one and £1,500 in year two. So their child got a new car to drive around in, and half the purchase cost was offset against insurance. This actually made it a cheap first car. (assuming you can afford the purchase cost of course).

Learn To Drive

All youngsters want to pass their test as quickly and cheaply as possible. There is a fine line between getting lots of practice and learning bad habits that will reduce your chances of passing your driving test.

A good alternative to spreading out driving lessons is to opt for an intensive driving course. Bennetts provide cramming courses so you can pass your test quickly.

Professional driving lessons will teach you not just the basics, but the best way to drive to look like a safe, consciencious motorist.

You will need to demonstrate to your instructor that you are safe and competent. Otherwise you will not pass your test.

Once you have been taught these core skills you will need to get plenty of practice. Topped up with regular lessons from an experienced instructor. Ask Bennetts Driving School for a quote for your location and you will be assigned a highly skilled professional instructor.

Once you have your full driving licence the world will open up to you. Freedom, adventure, it’s all out there for you to discover.